Yamaha TG500 Portable Generator User Manual

PERFORMANCE EDIT MODE / 3: Full Edit. 3-2: Effect
These parameters determine how the effect send level is affected by keyboard
dynamics and key scaling.
The layer to be edited is selected as described on page 50. The currently selected
layer is shown in square brackets on the upper display line.
Vel (Send velocity sensitivity)
Range: -7 … +7
Determines how the send level from the selected layer is affected by veloc-
ity changes (e.g. keyboard dynamics).
Plus “+” settings produce higher send levels in response to higher velocity
values — i.e. the harder a key is played, the higher the send level, and there-
fore the deeper the effect. The maximum setting of “+7” produces the maxi-
mum level variation in response to velocity changes. Minus “–” settings pro-
duce the opposite effect: lower send level in response to higher velocity. A
setting of “+0” results in no send level variation.
Scl (Send key scaling)
Range: -7 … +7
Allows the send level for the selected layer to be varied across the entire
pitch range (i.e. keyboard range).
Plus (“+”) settings produce a higher send level for the high notes and a
lower send level for the low notes. The maximum “+7” setting provides the
greatest send level variation across the pitch range. Minus (“–”) settings pro-
duce the opposite effect — a lower high-note send level and higher low-note
send level. A setting of “+0” results in no send level variation.
[PLAY MODE] -> PFM PLAY -> [EDIT/COMPARE] -> 3: Full Edit -> [ENTER] -> 3-2:Effect -> [ENTER]
-> [PAGE] -> 3-2-04 : Send Sens. -> [ENTER]