Yamaha TG500 Portable Generator User Manual

24 3. The Performance Mode
Play the Performance Combinations
1 Select the Performance Play Mode
Press the [PLAY MODE] key as many times as necessary to select the
performance play mode. “PFM PLAY” will appear on the top line of the LCD
The information displayed on the bottom display line tells you
about the current effect mode and what effects are assigned to
the TG500’s two effect processors. See the “Effects” section
beginning on page 251 for more details.
2 Select a Memory Area & Bank
The [MEMORY] key is used to access the internal, preset, and card per-
formance memory areas in exactly the same way as in the VOICE PLAY mode.
Pressing the [MEMORY] key should call the following performance number
prefixes in sequence (the card memory, shown in parentheses below, only
appears if cards are inserted in the DATA slots):
) I
3 Select a Performance Combination
As in the VOICE PLAY mode, the [-1/NO] and [+1/YES] keys are used to
select any of the 64 performance combinations in the currently selected bank.
4. Play
Try playing some of the performance combinations. In some cases you’ll
hear several voices “layered” on top of one another, in others you’ll get a split
keyboard effect with one voice on the left-hand side of the keyboard and an-
other on the right. Select a number of different performance combinations and
try them out. Here’s an abbreviated performance list for easy reference.