Yamaha TG500 Portable Generator User Manual

DRUM VOICE EDIT M ODE / 1: Key Param eter
EfSend (Effect send level)
Range: 0 … 127
Sets the effect send level for the selected drum key. The ability to set
different effect send levels for each drum key provides extremely fine control
over the drum effect sound. Please note that this parameter affects the indi-
vidual output level.
Rvs (Reverse)
Range: off, on
When this parameter is turned “on,” the selected wave is played in reverse.
GateTm (Gate time)
Range: short, norm, long, vlong
Sets the length of the note played by the selected drum key to short, normal
(“norm”), long, or very long (“vlong”). Please note that this parameter will not
extend the length of the waveform assigned to the current drum key, so no
change may be heard even if you select the “vlong” gate time for a short wave.
AltGrp (Alternate group)
Range: off, 1 … 5
Assigns the selected drum key to an “alternate group” numbered between 1
and 5. No two drum keys assigned to the same alternate group number can
sound at the same time. This is most commonly used to create a realistic hi-hat
cymbal effect: the closed and open hi-hat keys are assigned to the same alter-
nate group, so that when the closed hi-hat key is played the open hi-hat sound
is immediately cut off. Turn this parameter “off” if you don’t want the current
drum key to be assigned to any alternate group.
Please note that the “AltGrp” parameter can only be used with voices that
use waves from the same tone generator unit: A or B.
OutSel (Individual output select)
Range: off, Ind1, Ind2, Ind3, Ind4
Sends the sound of the selected drum key to one of the TG500’s four
individual outputs (the drum voice sound is always delivered via the stereo
outputs). If the “off” setting is selected the current drum key sound is not sent
to any individual output.
If the utility mode “1-3: OUTPUT” function (page 222) is set to “indiv,”
voices assigned to individual outputs 1 through 4 are not delivered via the
stereo outputs. If set to “norm,” voices assigned to individual output 3 and 4
are not output.