Yamaha TG500 Portable Generator User Manual

3-7-09: CONTROL 1 / 3-7-10: CONTROL 2
VOICE EDIT MODE / 3: Full Edit. 3-7: Effect
3-7-09: CONTROL 1 / 3-7-10: CONTROL 2
MIDI control change data received by the TG500 can be assigned to control two
different effect parameters in real time while playing in the voice or performance
modes. The parameters provided in these screens determine which effect parameters
are to be controlled by which MIDI control devices. It is also possible to select the
minimum and maximum parameter values.
Device (MIDI control device)
Range: 000 … 120, AfterTch, Velocity, KeyScale, LFO
This parameter specifies which MIDI control change number will control
the parameter selected via the “EF Param” parameter, below. Some control
change numbers are already defined (modulation wheel, foot controller, etc.),
while others are not assigned to any specific controller (see chart below).
Additional settings include “AfterTch” for keyboard aftertouch control,
“Velocity” for keyboard velocity control, “KeyScale” for key scaling control,
and “LFO” for internal LFO control.
MaxMinEF Param
[PLAY MODE] -> VCE PLAY -> [EDIT/COMPARE] -> 3: Full Edit -> [ENTER] -> 3-7: Effect -> [ENTER]
-> [PAGE] -> 3-7-09: Control 1 -> [ENTER]
-> 3-7-10: Control 2 -> [ENTER]