Yamaha TG500 Portable Generator User Manual

3-7-01: MODE
VOICE EDIT MODE / 3: Full Edit. 3-7: Effect
The TG500 features a dual-processor effect system that includes 90 top-quality
digital effects. Two different effects can be connected in series or parallel, providing
an extensive range of possible configurations.
Range: 0:off, 1:serial, 2:parallel
Determines whether the TG500’s two effect processors are connected in
series (“1:serial”) or in parallel (“2:parallel”), or whether the entire effect
system is turned off (“0:off”).
See page 251 for effect mode diagrams.
3-7-01: MODE
[PLAY MODE] -> VCE PLAY -> [EDIT/COMPARE] -> 3: Full Edit -> [ENTER] -> 3-7: Effect -> [ENTER]
-> [PAGE] -> 3-7-01: Mode -> [ENTER]