Yamaha TG500 Portable Generator User Manual

9 [ ] and [ ] Keys
These keys do not function in the TG500 play modes (voice, performance, or
multi), but in the edit and utility modes they are used to move the cursor to the
parameter to be edited. Logically, the [ ] key moves the cursor to the left and the
[ ] key moves it to the right. In the edit mode the [ ] and [ ] keys can also be used
while holding the [PAGE] key to switch directly between edit screens.
page 14.
0 [PAGE] Key
In any of the edit and utility modes this key calls a menu that allows the
desired screen to be specified and accessed by number.
page 13.
! [MEMORY] Key
Selects the memory area — internal 1, internal 2, or card — from which
voices or performance combinations will be selected.
page 18.
@ [-1/NO] and [+1/YES] Keys
Used to select voices, performance combinations, multi setups, and editing
functions. These keys are also used to edit parameter values in any of the
TG500 edit modes. Either key can be pressed briefly for single stepping in the
specified direction, or held for continuous scrolling. Even faster scrolling is
achieved by pressing the opposite key while holding the key corresponding to
the direction you want to scroll in.
The [-1/NO] and [+1/YES] keys are also used to respond to the “Sure?”
confirmation prompt when saving or initializing data.
page 13.
# [ENTER] and [EXIT] Keys
The [ENTER] key is used to engage a variety of modes and functions,
while the [EXIT] key can generally be used to exit from any mode or function.
page 13 and 28.
$ DATA & WAVEFORM Card Slots
The DATA slot accepts Yamaha MCD64 Memory Cards for storage and re-
trieval of TG500 voices and performance combinations. It will also accept pre-
programmed ROM voice/performance cards. The WAVEFORM slot accepts pre-
programmed ROM cards containing wave data that can be used by the TG500. The
card wave data can be loaded into the TG500’s internal wave RAM memory.
CAUTION: Do not attempt to plug a waveform card into a
data card slot, and vice versa. Plugging the wrong card into the
wrong slot can result in physical damage.
page 17.