Yamaha TG500 Portable Generator User Manual

PERFORMANCE EDIT MODE / 3: Full Edit. 3-2: Effect
3-2-07: WET:DRY
3-2-07: WET:DRY
The balance between the direct sound of the voice and the effect sound is a
delicate thing. Even slight changes can make a big difference to the final sound. The
parameters provided in this screen provide precise balance control.
Out1, Out2 (Out 1 & Out 2 Wet:Dry Balance)
Range: 0 … 100
Balances the effect (“wet”) and direct (“dry”) signals delivered via the
corresponding effect processors. Higher “Wet” values produce more effect
sound in relation to the direct, dry sound of the voice.
The “Wet” and “Dry” parameters are adjusted simultaneously (their total is
always 100%).
Out1 Out2
[PLAY MODE] -> PFM PLAY -> [EDIT/COMPARE] -> 3: Full Edit -> [ENTER] -> 3-2:Effect -> [ENTER]
-> [PAGE] -> 3-2-07 : Wet:Dry -> [ENTER]