Yamaha TG500 Portable Generator User Manual

34 3. The Performance Mode
Press [+1/YES] again.
“Completed !” will appear briefly when the data has been stored, then the
TG500 will return to the PERFORMANCE PLAY mode.
When you return to the PERFORMANCE PLAY mode, an inverse
letter “E” will appear to the right of the performance number,
indicating that it has been edited but not stored. You can call
the STORE function at this point and proceed as described
above. If you select a different performance combination before
storing, however, the edited data will be lost. Also note that any
previous data in the performance memory location you store to
will be overwritten by the new data.
You can use the PERFORMANCE NAME function described on
page 61 to give your performance combination an original name
before storing it.
Further Possibilities …
When you’re ready to explore the many other possibilities the TG500
provides for performance programming, read through the “PERFORMANCE
EDIT MODE” mode (page 49).