Yamaha TG500 Portable Generator User Manual

DRUM VOICE EDIT M O DE / 1: Key Param eter
1-3: EXC HA N G E
This function makes it simple to re-arrange you drum key layout by directly
exchanging the data between any two specifed drum keys.
Use the [ ] and [ ] keys to position the cursor, and the [-1/NO] and
[+1/YES] keys to select the drum keys to be exchanged (C1 … C5). The keyboard
connected to the TG500 can also be used to directly enter the keys after moving the
cursor to the appropriate parameter.
Press [ENTER] to begin the layer exchange procedure. The following confirmation
display will appear:
Press [+1/YES] again to confirm that you want to go ahead with the key data
exchange operation, or press [-1/NO] to cancel.
“Completed!” will appear briefly on the display when the data has been ex-
[PLAY/MODE] -> VCE PLAY -> [EDIT/COMPARE] -> 1: Key Parameter -> [ENTER] -> [PAGE]
-> 1-2: Exchange -> [ENTER]