Yamaha TG500 Portable Generator User Manual

The following simple icons are used throughout the Getting Started section
of the manual to draw attention to important points and information where
necessary. The icons also make it easier to differentiate between information
that you should read immediately and information that can be skipped until
later, hopefully helping you to become familiar with the TG500 in the quickest,
most efficient manner possible.
This icon warns of possible hardware damage, software mal-
function, or any other serious problem that may occur due to
improper operation or set up.
This icon marks information that you must read — i.e. impor-
tant steps or procedures that are essential for proper, efficient,
or easy operation.
The magnifying-glass icon indicates information that may not
be essential for general operation, but is a more detailed
explanation of a feature, a description of the principle involved,
etc. You can skip this information if full details are not required
Hints or ideas that are not specifically musical but may make
operation easier or more interesting are marked by the light-
bulb icon.