Yamaha TG500 Portable Generator User Manual

DRUM VOICE EDIT MODE / 5: Recall/Init.
If you’re dissatisfied with the results of edits you’ve made to a drum voice, or
have accidentally lost track of changes made, use the RECALL function to recall the
pre-edit drum voice data from the TG500’s backup buffer memory.
Press [ENTER] to begin the recall procedure. The following confirmation display
will appear:
Press [+1/YES] to confirm that you want to go ahead with the recall operation
(which will erase all current edited data), or press [-1/NO] to cancel.
“Completed!” will appear briefly on the display when the original drum voice data
has been recalled.
[PLAY/MODE] -> PFM PLAY -> [EDIT/COMPARE] -> 5: Recall/Init. -> [ENTER] -> [PAGE]
-> 5-1: Recall ->[ENTER]