Yamaha TG500 Portable Generator User Manual

4-3: SAVE
4-3: SAVE
Saves all internal voices and performance combinations to a Yamaha MCD64
memory card plugged into to the DATA 1 or DATA 2 card slot.
Position the cursor at the “Slot=” parameter and select “1” if you want to save to
a card plugged into the DATA 1 slot, or “2” to save to the DATA 2 slot. Next posi-
tion the cursor at the “Bank=” parameter and select “1” or “2”, depending on the
bank you want to save to. Before actually executing the save operation, check the
card status as shown in parantheses in the lower right corner of the display. If the
display shows “(TG500)”, a properly formatted MCD64 is installed and the save
operation can be executed. If the wrong type of card (wrong format) or no card is
installed in the selected slot, however, the card status display will show “(------)” and
no save operation is possible. You will have to use the card format job (4-4: FOR-
MAT, page 236) to format a new memory card or one that has been formatted for use
with a different instrument before the card can be used with the TG500. Also make
sure that the card write protect switch (see MCD64 Memory Card operation manual)
is set to the “OFF” position before attempting to save data to the card.
Press [ENTER] to begin the card save procedure. The following confirmation
display will appear:
Press [+1/YES] to confirm that you want to go ahead with the card save opera-
tion, or press [-1/NO] to cancel.
When the data has been saved, “Completed!” will appear briefly on the display.
[UTILITY/SELECT] -> 4: Card -> [ENTER] -> [PAGE] -> 4-3: Save -> [ENTER]