Yamaha TG500 Portable Generator User Manual

3-2-08: MIX LEVEL
These parameters determine the mix level between each effect send and the output
of the preceding effect stage. Refer to the section beginning on page 251 for details
on the overall TG500 effect system.
PERFORMANCE EDIT MODE / 3: Full Edit. 3-2: Effect
3-2-08: MIX LEVEL
EF2Mix (Effect 2 mix level)
Range: 0 … 100
Mixes the output of the EFFECT 2 processor with that of the EFFECT 1
processor. This parameter can only be used with the “serial” effect mode is
selected. If any other mode is selected (“off” or “parallel”), “---” appears on
the display in place of the value.
1b Ins, 2a Ins, 2b Ins (Insert levels)
Range: 0 … 100
These parameters mix the dry signal sent to the corresponding effect stage
with the output of the preceding effect stage. The higher the value the greater
mix level. If the current effect configuration does not allow one of these mix
parameters, “---” will appear in place of the mix level parameter.
1b Ins 2b Ins2a Ins
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-> [PAGE] -> 3-2-08 : Mix Level -> [ENTER]