Yamaha TG500 Portable Generator User Manual

Range: ----, Any voice or performance combination.
The cursor can be placed at two locations in the voice number parameter:
under the “P” or “V” to the left of the number, and under the number itself.
With the cursor at the leftmost position select “P” if you want to assign a
performance combination to the current instrument, “V” to assign a voice, or
“----” to turn the current instrument off (no voice assigned). Use the
[MEMORY] key to select a preset, internal, or card memory area and then,
with the cursor under the voice number, use the [-1/NO] and [+1/YES] keys to
select the voice or performance number. The name of the currently selected
voice or performance combination is shown in parentheses above the voice
Vol (Volume)
Range: 0 … 127
For optimum balance between the instruments in a multi setup, this param-
eter allows the volume of each voice to be adjusted individually. A setting of
“0” produces no sound, while a setting of “127” produces maximum volume.
Range: -31 … +31, VCE/PFM
In a multi setup, interesting stereo effects can be produced by placing the
output from different voices at different locations in the stereo sound field. The
parameters in this screen determine the position in the stereo sound field in
which the sound from each active voice will be heard (left to right).
Minus values represent panning to the left, and positive values represent
panning to the right. “0” positions the sound of the selected layer in the center
of the stereo sound field. The next setting above “+31” is “VCE” if a voice is
assigned to the current instrument and “PFM” if a performance combination is
assigned. When “VCE” or “PFM” is selected the preset pan position for the
selected voice or performance combination is used.
EfSend (Effect send level)
Range: 0 … 127
The ability to individually adjust the effect send level for each voice in a
multi setup allows the optimum amount of effect to be applied to each voice. A
setting of “0” produces no effect, while a setting of “127” produces maximum
send level and therefore maximum effect sound.
Please note that if the “Src” parameter in the “4-03: SEND” screen (page
206) is set to “VCE” or “PFM” for any instrument, the send level of that
instrument cannot be changed. In this case “---” will appear on the display in
place of the send level value. Also note that this parameter affects the indi-
vidual output level.
MULTI EDIT MODE / 1: Parameter