Yamaha TG500 Portable Generator User Manual

DRUM VOICE EDIT MODE / 5: Recall/Init.
When you’re satisfied with a new drum voice you’ve created in the drum voice
edit mode, use the store function described below to store the new drum voice to an
internal or card memory location.
When you’ve finished editing, return to the druml voice play mode (press the
[PLAY MODE] key), and before selecting a different voice, press the
[STORE/COPY] key. You can now use the [MEMORY] key to select the memory
location to which your new drum voice is to be stored.
Once the store location has been specified, press [ENTER] to begin the store
procedure. The following confirmation display will appear:
Press [+1/YES] to confirm that you want to go ahead with the store operation
(which will erase all previous data in the specified memory location), or press
[-1/NO] to cancel.
When the drum voice data has been stored, “Completed!” will appear briefly on
the display, then the display will return to the voice play mode.