Yamaha TG500 Portable Generator User Manual

1-1: SETUP
1-1: SETUP
NtShft (Note shift)
Range: -63 … +63
Shifts the overall pitch of the TG500 up or down in semitone steps.
A setting of “-12,” for example, shifts the pitch down by one octave; a
setting of “+4” shifts the pitch up by a major third.
Tune (Master tuning)
Range: -63 … +63
Fine tunes the overall pitch of the TG500 in approximately 1.17-cent steps
(a “cent” is 1/100th of a semitone).
The maximum minus setting of “-63” produces a downward pitch shift of
almost three-quarters of a semitone, and the maximum plus setting of “+63”
produces an upward pitch shift of the same amount. A setting of “0” produces
no pitch change.
CtlRst (Control reset)
Range: on, off
Determines whether controller settings are held (“off”) or reset (“on”) when
voices or multi-play setups are switched.
If this function is set to “off,” then if, for example, you have applied modu-
lation to a voice via a modulation wheel and switch to a new voice while
maintaining the same modulation wheel position, then the same amount of
modulation will be applied to the new voice. If “on” is selected, than all con-
troller values are reset when a new voice, performance, or multi-play setup is
This screen includes several parameters that affect overall operation of the TG500.
[UTILITY/SELECT] -> 1: System -> [ENTER] -> [PAGE] -> 1-1: Setup -> [ENTER]