Yamaha TG500 Portable Generator User Manual

The TG500 Tone Generator delivers the incredible Yamaha AWM2 sound
with improved quality and versatility. In addition to superior sound, the TG500
features “Quick Edit” modes that provide fast, easy access to the most impor-
tant voice and performance editing jobs so you can customize the sound with-
out having to deal with the details. Of course, you still have full programming
power when you want to do some serious voicing. In terms of sound and
programming power, the TG500 offers unprecedented levels of quality and
We urge you to read the owner’s manuals thoroughly in order to realize the
full potential of the TG500 (see “About the Manual” on page 5), and keep the
manuals in a safe place for future reference.
AWM2 Sound, 64-note Polyphony
2nd-generation Advanced Wave Memory (AWM2) technology delivers
dazzling, true-to-life sound with 64-note polyphony.
Large-capacity Waveform ROM
A huge 8-megabyte waveform ROM provides the kind of capacity required
for stunning, true-to-life sound.
Expandable Waveform RAM
Up to 1-megabyte of waveform RAM can be installed to allow loading of
external samples via waveform cards or the MIDI Sample Dump protocol.
4-layer Performance Combinations
Voices can be played individually, or up to four voices can be combined
and “layered” to form performance combinations.
384 Presets and 192 User RAM Locations
The TG500 has 384 presets including 252 voices, 4 multi-instrument drum
voices, and 128 performance combinations. 192 internal RAM locations addi-
tionally store 126 voices, 2 drum voices, and 64 performance combinations.
The TG500 also provides RAM memory for 16 multi-play setups.
Advanced Digital Filters
Programmable digital filters allow the TG500 sound to be tailored as re-
quired. The filters also feature a resonance parameter equivalent to that found
on the SY77 and SY99 Music Synthesizers.