Yamaha TG500 Portable Generator User Manual

The TG500 is a very versatile instrument with many features and functions that affect operation.
In many cases, what appears to be a fault with the TG500 can actually be traced to an improperly set
parameter or, at the most fundamental level, to something as simple as a bad connection.
Here’s how to determine if the problem is internal (e.g. parameter settings) or external (e.g. connec-
tions, amplifier, etc.):
Listen Via Headphones.
Plug a pair of headphones into the TG500 and play. If the headphone sound is OK, then the problem
is most likely in the amplifier or mixer you are using, or the audio connection cables.
Check the Sound In the Voice, Performance, and Multi Modes.
If the problem only occurs in one mode or one voice/performance/multi, then the cause is most likely
a parameter setting related to that mode or voice/performance/multi. If the problem occurs in all modes,
then the cause may be a utility parameter or other parameter that affects all modes.
The following are some common problems and probable causes:
Amplifier, Mixer, Connection Problems
Symptom Possible Cause
No Sound
Distorted sound
Is the amplifier/mixer power turned on?
Is the amplifier/mixer volume set to an appropriate level?
Are the TG500 outputs properly connected to the amplifier/mixer inputs?
Are the connection cables shorted, open, or otherwise faulty?
Is the TG500 connected to a high-sensitivity microphone or instrument input
on your amplifier or mixer? Try turning the TG500 OUTPUT controls down
to avoid overloading the amplifier/mixer inputs.
Performance Mode Problems
Symptom Possible Cause
No Sound
Wrong pitch.
Are voices properly assigned to the performance layers (page 62)?
Are the voice volume parameters set high enough (page 63)?
Is the total performance level set high enough (page 60)?
Are the voice note and velocity parameters set to appropriate values (page
67 through 70)?
If a controller is assigned to volume control, is the controller set to produce
a high enough volume level (page 56)?
Are the note shift parameters for each voice set to appropriate values
(page 66)?.