Yamaha TG500 Portable Generator User Manual

Electrical Interference
This instrument contains digital circuitry and may cause interference if
placed too close to radio or television receivers. If this occurs, move the
instrument further away from the affected equipment.
Data Backup
The TG500 contains a special long-life battery that retains the contents of
its internal voice, performance, multi, and wave memory (when installed)
even when the power is turned OFF. The backup battery should last for
several years. When the backup battery needs to be replaced “Change bat-
tery!” will appear on the display when the power is turned on. When this
happens, have the backup battery replaced by qualified Yamaha service
Internal memory data can be corrupted due to incorrect operation. Be sure to
“save” important data to memory card frequently so you have a backup to
revert to if something happens to damage the data in memory.
Service and Modification
The TG500 contains no user serviceable parts. Opening it or tampering with
it in anyway can lead to irreparable damage and possibly electric shock.
Refer all servicing to qualified YAMAHA personnel.
Third-party Software
Yamaha can not take any responsibility for software produced for this prod-
uct by third-party manufacturers. Please direct any questions or comments
about such software to the manufacturer or their agents.
YAMAHA is not responsible for damage caused by improper handling
or operation.