Yamaha TG500 Portable Generator User Manual

The display will return to the current edit screen as soon as you release the
[UTILITY/SELECT] key. The currently selected layer is shown in square
brackets in appropriate layer edit screens.
Programming All Layers Simultaneously
In some cases you may want to set all the same parameters for all four
layers to the same value. This can be done easily by activating the “layer sync”
mode: press the [STORE/COPY] key while holding the [UTILITY/SELECT]
key. When the layer sync mode is active the current layer will appear as an
inverse character (A, B, C, or D) in the layer edit screens. Simply repeat this
procedure to return to the normal individual layer editing mode.
Layer Muting
It is also possible to mute (turn the sound off) specific layers while editing
so you can more easily hear the effect of parameter changes on the active
layers. Layers are muted or re-activated by using the [-1/NO], [+1/YES],
[ENTER], and [EXIT] keys while holding the [UTILITY/SELECT] key:
• [-1/NO] mutes or re-activates Layer A.
• [+1/YES] mutes or re-activates Layer B.
• [ENTER] mutes or re-activates Layer C.
• [EXIT] mutes or re-activates Layer D.
Layer Selection
Many functions in the performance edit mode allow a single layer to be
edited individually (see page 26 of the “Getting Started” section to learn about
peformance combinations and layers). The layer to be edited is selected by
using the [ ], [ ], [PAGE], and [MEMORY] keys while holding the
• [ ] selects Layer A.
• [ ] selects Layer B.
• [PAGE] selects Layer C.
• [MEMORY] selects Layer D.