Yamaha TG500 Portable Generator User Manual

PERFORMANCE EDIT MODE / 3: Full Edit. 3-1: Layer
The Low Velocity Limit parameter, in conjunction with the High Velocity
Limit parameter described below, makes it possible to specify a range of veloc-
ity values over which the selected layer will produce sound. You could, for
example, set Low Velocity Limit to “60” and High Velocity Limit to “127.”
This would cause that layer to produce output only when a velocity value
between 60 and 127 was received — i.e. when a fairly loud note is played. A
second layer could then be set to produce output only when velocity values
below 60 are received, so that completely different sounds are produced on soft
and loud notes.
The name of the currently selected voice is shown in the upper right corner
of the display (“--------” appears if the voice is turned off). An animated musi-
cal note appears to the right of voices that are on and active (i.e. not muted).
VelLmt-H (High velocity limit)
Range: 1 … 127
Sets the highest velocity value for a range of velocity values over which
each active layer will produce output.
Use the [ ] and [ ] keys (or the standard layer selection procedure) to select
the layer to be edited, then use the [-1/NO] and [+1/YES] keys to set the high
velocity limit of the voice assigned to that layer.
See the “VelLmt-L” parameter, above, for more details.