Yamaha TG500 Portable Generator User Manual

1-5: EFFECT 1 / 1-6: EFFECT 2
VOICE EDIT MODE / 1: Quick Edit
1-5: EFFECT 1 / 1-6: EFFECT 2
The TG500 features a complex, high-performance effect system that can be pro-
grammed easily via the parameters presented in these screens.
For full effect parameters see page 156.
Type (Effect type)
Range: 0 … 90
The “Type” parameter selects any of the TG500’s 90 effect types for the
effect 1 or effect 2 processor, depending on whether the “Effect 1” or “Effect
2” edit screen is selected. See page 251 for more details on the TG500 effect
Parameters 1 … 3
Range: Depends on the selected effect and parameter.
Use the [ ] key to scroll to the parameter screen. This screen provides
access to the three main parameters each for the current selected effect 1 or
effect 2, depending on whether the “Effect 1” or “Effect 2” edit screen is
selected. As usual, the name of the selected parameter is shown in the upper
right corner of the display, while in this screen the parameter unit (“s” for
seconds, “%” for percent, “dB” for decibels, etc.) is shown in parentheses in
the lower right corner.
The parameters are different for each effect (refer to page 271 for details).
The Full Edit Parameters screens described on page 156 provides full access to
all 8 effect parameters.
[PLAY MODE] -> VCE PLAY -> [EDIT/COMPARE] -> 1: Quick Edit -> [ENTER] -> [PAGE]
-> 1-5 : Effect 1 -> [ENTER]
-> 1-6 : Effect 2 -> [ENTER]