Yamaha TG500 Portable Generator User Manual

PERFORMANCE EDIT MODE / 3: Full Edit. 3-1: Layer
3-1-01: VOICE
3-1-01: VOICE
TG500 performance combinations can have up to four voices assigned to different
“layers” — A, B, C and D. This screen lets you assign voices to the layers.
Voice (layer A)
The layer to be edited can be selected as described on page 50. The currently
selected layer is shown in square brackets on the upper display line.
Voice Number A, B, C, D
Range: off, 00 … 62 (internal banks I … II,
preset & card banks I … IV)
After moving the cursor to the layer you want to edit, use the [MEMORY]
key to select the memory area from which the voice is to be selected, and then
use the [-1/NO] and [+1/YES] keys to select the voice. Please note that only
internal and preset voices can be used in internal performance combinations,
only card banks 1 and 2 and preset voices can be used in card bank 1 perform-
ance combinations, and only card banks 3 and 4 and preset voices can be used
in card bank 2 performance combinations.
The voices can individually turned on or off by using the [ ], [ ], [PAGE],
and [MEMORY] keys while holding the [UTILITY/SELECT] key (this is the
same procedure used to select layers for editing — see page 50).
Re-selecting the layer that is already selected alternately turns the voice off and
The name of the currently selected voice is shown in the upper right corner
of the display (“--------” appears if the voice is turned off). An animated musi-
cal note appears to the right of voices that are on and active (i.e. not muted).
[PLAY MODE] -> PFM PLAY -> [EDIT/COMPARE] -> 3: Full Edit -> [ENTER] -> 3-1:Layer -> [ENTER]
-> [PAGE] -> 3-1-01 : Voice -> [ENTER]