Yamaha TG500 Portable Generator User Manual

About the Manual
The TG500 manual has two sections —
Getting Started
The Getting Started Section
In addition to an overview of the TG500 controls and connectors (page 8),
the Getting Started section contains five chapters that take you through the
main procedures you will need to know to become familiar with your TG500:
1. Setting Up Your System [Page 12]
Basic system connections, MIDI settings, and powering up your system.
2. Selecting And Playing Voices [Page 16]
Selecting and playing voices from the INTERNAL, PRESET and CARD
3. The Performance Mode [Page 22]
Selecting and playing performance combinations from the INTERNAL,
PRESET and CARD memories, and programming original performance
4. The Multi Mode [Page 35]
Creating and using multi setups that allow up to 16 separate “instru-
ments” to be independenty controlled from an external sequencer, com-
puter, or similar device.
5. Voice Editing & Effects [Page 39]
Some ideas to help you program original voices in a smooth and effi-
cient manner.
We recommend that you go through the chapters in sequence while actually
carrying out the procedures on your TG500. Once you’ve gone through the
entire Getting Started section in this way, you should be familiar enough with
the TG500 to need only the Feature Reference section in future.