Yamaha TG500 Portable Generator User Manual

40 5. Voice Editing & Effects
3: Filter
Page 119 … 130
Once you’ve set up the oscillator and shaped the amplitude envelope as
required, the TG500’s sophisticated filter system can be used to determine both
the static and dynamic timbre of the voice. Low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, and
band-elimination response can be selected as required, and a complex 6-seg-
ment filter envelope generator makes it possible to produce dynamic filtering
patterns. There’s also a resonance parameter that allows you to boost the cut-
off-frequency peak … all the way into oscillation if you like. The filter cutoff
frequency can be also be controlled via MIDI control change data or keyboard
aftertouch for real-time timbre control.
4: Pitch Envelope Generator
Page 131 … 135
Not all voices will need it, but the pitch envelope generator can be applied
to produce time based pitch variations. These can be used to simulate the slight
pitch rise that occurs naturally on the attack of some instruments, or to create
more pronounced pitch slides. Like the amplitude and filter envelope genera-
tors, the pitch envelope generator also has sensitivity parameters that determine
how it responds to note velocity.
5: Low Frequency Oscillator
Page 136 … 140
Most voices benefit from a touch of vibrato, tremolo, or wah-wah modula-
tion, and it is the LFO parameters that produce these effects. The LFO is
usually set up to apply the desired type of modulation via a controller such as
a modulation wheel or foot controller. Which controller produces what type of
modulation is determined by the “Controller” parameters, below.
6: Controller
Page 141 … 149
Since the TG500 has no controllers of its own, all modulation and bias
control must be applied by MIDI control change data received from the control-
ling keyboard or other device. The TG500 accepts control from four different
control devices, and it is the parameters in this section that determine how
these four controllers function. Pitch bend range and aftertouch depth param-
eters are also provided.