Yamaha TG500 Portable Generator User Manual

Selecting & Editing Parameters
Most TG500 edit screens contain several parameters that can be selected
and edited. The parameters are edited by first moving the cursor to the required
parameter by using the [ ] and [ ] keys, and then by using the [-1/NO] and [+1/
YES] keys to adjust the parameter’s value. In most cases the name of the
currently selected parameter will appear between triangular brackets in the
upper right corner of the display, while in others the name of each parameter
appears directly above the parameter.
Currently selected
parameter name appears
here (“Type” in this case).
If there are more parameters than will fit on a single screen, a flashing
pointer (“ ” or “ ”) will appear at either or both ends of the bottom display
line, indicating that more parameters are available. Move to the next screen by
simply moving the cursor beyond the last parameter on the current screen, in
the indicated direction.
Cursor at “Type”
Screen title: “voice quick edit
amplitude envelope generator”
in this case.