Yamaha TG500 Portable Generator User Manual

4-03: SEND
4-03: SEND
The parameters provided here determine to which of the TG500 effect stages the
output from the voice assigned to each instrument is sent, and at what level.
The instrument to be edited is selected as described on page 198. The currently
selected instrument is shown in square brackets on the upper display line.
Src (Source)
Range: MLT, VCE, PFM
When “MLT” is selected the “Lvl”, “1a”, “1b”, “2a”, and “2b” parameters,
described below, can be applied to the selected instrument. If a voice is as-
signed to the selected instrument, the “Src” parameter can also be set to
“VCE”, causing the switch and send levels of the assigned voice to be used. In
the same way, if a performance combination is assigned to the selected instru-
ment, the “Src” parameter can be set to “PFM”, causing the switch and send
levels of the assigned performance combination to be used. If “VCE” or “PFM”
is selected, the “Switch” and “Level” parameters in this screen and the
“Output” parameters in the following screen cannot be edited (“---” appears in
place of the parameters).
Lvl (Send level)
Range: 0 … 127
This parameter adjusts the amount of direct voice signal that is sent to the
effect processors, determining the strength of the final effect sound. A setting
of “0” results in no effect, leaving only the “dry” sound of the voice. The
maximum setting of “127” produces the maximum amount of effect. Please note
that this parameter affects the individual output level.
Src Lvl 1a 1b 2a
[PLAY/MODE] -> MLT PLAY -> [EDIT/COMPARE] -> [PAGE] -> 4: Effect -> [ENTER] -> [PAGE]
-> 4-03: Send -> [ENTER]