Generac 6565 Pressure Washer User Manual

General Information
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (and California Air
Resource Board for equipment certified to CA standards) requires
that this engine comply with exhaust and evaporative emission
standards. Locate the emissions compliance decal on the engine
to determine what standards the engine meets, and to determine
which emissions warranty applies. The engine is certified to meet
the applicable emission standards on gasoline. It is important to
follow the maintenance specifications in the Maintenance section
to ensure that the engine complies with the applicable emission
standards for the duration of the product’s life. This engine utilizes
lean carburetion settings and other systems to reduce emissions.
Tampering with or altering the emission control system may
increase emissions and may be a violation of Federal or California
Law. Acts that constitute tampering include but are not limited to:
• Removal or alteration of any part of the intake, fuel, or exhaust
• Altering or defeating the governor linkage or speed-adjusting
mechanism to cause the engine to operate outside its design
If you are aware of any of the following symptoms, have your
engine inspected and repaired by your servicing dealer:
Hard starting or stalling after starting
• Rough idle
Misfiring or backfiring under load
• Afterburning (backfiring)
Black exhaust smoke or high fuel consumption
The fuel system on this engine may be influenced by operation at
higher altitudes. Proper operation can be ensured by installing an
altitude kit when required. See the table below to determine when
an altitude kit is required. Operating this engine without the proper
altitude kit installed may increase the engine’s emissions and
decrease fuel economy and performance. Kits may be obtained
from any Dealer, and should be installed by a qualified individual.
Altitude Range* Kit Number PSI
0 - 5000 Feet Not Required 3100/3800/4200
5000 - 7000 Feet 0K2016 3100
5000 - 7000 Feet 0K2017 3800
5000 - 7000 Feet 0K2018 4200
*Elevation above sea level.
If the altitude kit has been installed and the engine will be
operated at an altitude where the kit is not required, the
engine should be returned to the original factory configuration.
Operating the engine at lower altitudes with the kit installed
may cause the engine to overheat and result in serious engine
damage, and may result in decreased performance and
increased emissions.
Pressure - (PSI / BAR) 3100 / 213 3800 / 262 4200 / 290
Flow Rate - (GPM / LPM) 2.8 / 10.6 3.6 / 13.6 4.0 / 15.1
Water Supply Temperature - (°F / C°) 100 / 38 Max
Hose Length - (Feet / Meters) 35 / 10.7 50 / 15.2
Nozzles - Number per Unit 5
Lance Length (Inches / cm) 20 / 51 33 / 84 33 / 84
Gun Professional
Engine Displacement - (Cubic Inch / cc) 12.9 / 212 18.4 / 302 25.6 / 420
Spark Plug Type F7TC or equivalent
Spark Plug Gap - (Inches / mm) 0.028-0.031 / 0.70-0.80
Fuel Capacity - (Quarts / Liters) 3.7 / 3.5 6.9 / 6.5 6.9 / 6.5
Engine Oil Capacity - (Oz / Liters) 20 / 0.6 37 / 1.1 37 / 1.1
Low Oil Shut Down System Yes
On / Off Switch Yes