Generac 6565 Pressure Washer User Manual

Starter cord kickback (rapid retraction) can result in
bodily injury. Kickback will pull hand and arm toward
engine faster than you can let go. Broken bones,
fractures, bruises, or sprains could result.
NEVER pull the starter cord without first relieving the spray gun
• When starting the engine, pull the cord slowly until resistance is
felt, then pull rapidly to avoid kickback.
• After each starting attempt, where engine fails to run, always point
the spray gun in a safe direction and squeeze the spray gun trigger
to release high pressure.
• Firmly grasp the spray gun with both hands when using high
pressure spray to avoid injury when the spray gun kicks back.
7. Return the starter grip handle slowly. DO NOT let the rope
“snap back” against the starter.
Figure 28 – Starting the Engine
Starter Handle
8. When the engine starts, slowly the move choke lever to the
“OPEN” position as the engine warms. If the engine falters,
move the choke lever to the “CLOSE” position, then to the
“OPEN” position (Figure 29).
Figure 29 – Choke Lever
9. After each starting attempt, where the engine fails to run,
always point the gun in a safe direction, and squeeze the
spray gun trigger to release high pressure.
10. If the engine fails to start after six pulls, move the choke lever
to the “OPEN” position, and repeat steps 6 through 10.
The high pressure stream of water that this equipment
produces can cut through skin and its underlying
tissues, leading to serious injury, possible amputation
or death. Spray gun traps high water pressure, even
when engine is stopped and water is disconnected,
which can cause injury.
• DO NOT allow CHILDREN to operate the power washer or play
• Keep the high pressure hose connected to the pump and spray gun
while the system is pressurized.
• NEVER aim the spray gun at people, animals or electrical devices.
Serious injury will result.
• DO NOT secure the spray gun in the open position.
• DO NOT leave the spray gun unattended while the machine is
• NEVER use a spray gun which does not have a trigger lock or
trigger guard in place and in working order.
• Always be certain the spray gun, nozzles and accessories are
correctly attached.
Contact with the muffler area can result in
serious burns. Exhaust heat/gases can ignite
combustibles, structures or damage the fuel
tank causing a fire.
• DO NOT touch hot parts and AVOID hot exhaust gases.
• Allow the equipment to cool before touching.
• Keep at least five (5) feet (152 cm) of clearance on all sides of the
power washer including overhead.
• It is a violation of California Public Resource Code, Section 4442,
to use or operate the engine on any forest-covered, brush-covered,
or grass-covered land unless the exhaust system is equipped with
a spark arrester, as defined in Section 4442, maintained in effective
working order. Other states or federal jurisdictions may have
similar laws.
• Replacement parts must be the same and installed in the same
position as the original parts.
If you run the engine on your power washer for 3-5 minutes
without pressing the trigger on the spray gun, circulating water
in the pump can reach temperatures above 125°F. The system
engages to cool the pump by discharging the warm water onto
the ground.
Your pressure washer pump is equipped with a feature that allows
you to adjust the pressure setting. The pump is preset at the
factory to achieve the highest possible pressure. To decrease the
pressure, turn the pressure control knob counterclockwise to the
desired pressure. Turning the pressure control knob clockwise
until it stops will set the pressure back to the factory setting.