Generac 6565 Pressure Washer User Manual

Figure 12 – Connect Garden Hose
Risk of eye injury. Spray can splash back or propel
• Always wear safety goggles when using this equipment or in
vicinity of equipment in use.
• Before starting the power washer, be sure you are wearing
adequate safety goggles.
• NEVER substitute safety glasses for safety goggles.
4. Connect lance to spray gun (Figure 13). Tighten by hand.
Figure 13 – Attach Lance
5. Attach end of high pressure hose to base of spray gun (Figure
The high pressure stream of water that this equipment
produces can cut through skin and its underlying
tissues, leading to serious injury, possible amputation
or death. Spray gun traps high water pressure, even
when engine is stopped and water is disconnected,
which can cause injury.
• NEVER connect high pressure hose to lance.
• Keep high pressure hose connected to pump and spray gun while
system is pressurized.
• Always be certain spray gun, nozzles and accessories are
correctly attached.
Figure 14 – Connect Hose to Spray Gun
6. Connect high pressure hose to pump (uncoil hose before
connecting to pump or spray gun) (Figure 15).
Figure 15 – Connect High Pressure Hose to Pump
7. Turn ON the water, squeeze the trigger to purge the pump
system of air (Figure 16).
The hose can be damaged if it comes in contact with a
hot engine or muffler.
Figure 16 – Squeeze Trigger