Generac 6565 Pressure Washer User Manual

Fequently Asked Questions
Q: What is the horsepower for the engine?
A: Engine horsepower can vary based on the unit and application.
They feature a Generac OHV engine. When selecting a power
washer, the most important thing to consider is cleaning
power. Cleaning Power is the Output Pressure PSI multiplied
by the Water Flow Rate (GPM). The higher the cleaning power,
the more effectively it will clean.
Q: Is the pump servicable?
A: Consumer units and the One WASH power washer feature
an axial pump that is not serviceable. The pump has been
pre-lubricated and sealed from the factory. It will require no
additional maintenance for the life of the pump. Commercial
and Industrial units feature a serviceable Triplex pump. Triplex
units can be serviced with oil changes and replacement of
check valves and seals. Disassembly for cleaning is not
recommended. Consult your owner’s manual for more details.
Q: Why is the GPM rating on the pump different from the GPM
rating of the data plate?
A: Both ratings are correct. Pump ratings of PSI and GPM, on the
pump, are rated on test parameters and lab conditions. The
GPM specifications, on the data plate, are based on the Power
Washer Manufacturers Association (PWMA) performance
Q: Can I pump hot water through this unit?
A: Only cold water (less than 100º F) should be utilized for
Generac power washers.
Q: Will this power washer work with a gravity feed water tank?
A: The water supply must be adequate to handle more than 3.5
gallons per minute and no less than 30 PSI. Do not siphon
standing water for the water supply. Ensure that you use only
cold water (less than100º F).
Q: How will hard water affect the power washer and what can
I do to prevent or fix any issues?
A: Hard water deposits, like calcium or lime scale, could
potentially damage the pump. To prevent damage to the pump
due to hard water, we recommend following the instructions in
your owner’s manual for long-term storage pump protection,
with regard to using pump saver or RV anti-freeze after each