Generac 6565 Pressure Washer User Manual

To protect the pump from damage caused by mineral deposits or
freezing, use PumpSaver or RV-antifreeze to treat the pump. This
prevents freeze damage and lubricates pistons and seals.
• Failure to do so will permanently damage the pump and render
the unit inoperable.
Freeze damage is not covered under warranty.
To protect the unit from freezing temperatures:
1. Follow steps 1-3 in the previous section After Each Use.
2. Use a pump saver to treat pump. This minimizes freeze
damage and lubricates pistons and seals.
3. If a pump saver is not available, connect a 3-foot section of
garden hose to the water inlet adapter. Pour RV-antifreeze
(antifreeze without alcohol) into the hose. Pull the recoil handle
twice. Disconnect the 3-foot hose.
4. Store unit in a clean, dry area.
1. DO NOT store fuel from one season to another unless it has
been treated as described in Protect Fuel System.
2. Replace the fuel container if it starts to rust. Rust and/or dirt
in fuel can cause problems if it’s used with this unit.
3. Cover the unit with a suitable protective cover that does not
retain moisture.
Storage covers can be flammable.
• DO NOT place a storage cover over a hot power washer.
• Let the equipment cool for a sufficient time before placing the
cover on the equipment.
4. Store the unit in a clean, dry area.
Do not operate, store or transport the unit at an angle greater than
15 degrees.