Generac 6565 Pressure Washer User Manual

WARNING: Use of power washer can create puddles and
slippery surfaces. Kickback from spray gun can cause you to
• Use only on a level surface.
The cleaning area should have adequate slopes and
drainage to reduce the possibility of a fall due to slippery
• Do not use on elevated surfaces where chance of kickback
could result in a serious fall.
• Firmly grasp spray gun with both hands when using high
pressure spray to avoid injury when spray gun kicks back.
WARNING: Starter and other rotating parts can
entangle hands, hair, clothing, or accessories.
• NEVER operate power washer without protective housing
or covers.
• DO NOT wear loose clothing, jewelry or anything that
may be caught in the starter or other rotating parts.
• Tie up long hair and remove jewelry.
WARNING: Starter cord kickback (rapid retraction) can result
in bodily injury. Kickback will pull hand and arm toward
engine faster than you can let go. Broken bones, fractures,
bruises, or sprains could result.
• NEVER pull starter cord without first relieving spray gun
• To relieve trapped pressure, point gun in safe direction and
release pressure by pulling/actuating trigger on spray gun.
• When starting engine, pull cord slowly until resistance is felt and
then pull rapidly to avoid kickback.
• After each starting attempt, where engine fails to run, always
point spray gun in safe direction, and squeeze spray gun trigger
to release high pressure.
• Firmly grasp spray gun with both hands when using high
pressure spray to avoid injury when spray gun kicks back.
WARNING: Unintentional sparking can result in fire or electric
• Disconnect the spark plug wire from the spark plug and
place the wire where it cannot contact spark plug.
• Use approved spark plug tester.
• DO NOT check for spark with spark plug removed.
WARNING: Risk of eye injury. Spray can splash back or
propel objects.
• Always wear safety goggles when using this equipment or
in vicinity of where equipment is in use.
• Before starting the power washer, be sure you are
wearing adequate safety goggles.
• NEVER substitute safety glasses for safety goggles.
High pressure spray may damage fragile items including
• DO NOT point spray gun at glass when using red (0°) MAX
• NEVER aim spray gun at people, animals, electrical devices or
Improper treatment of power washer can damage it and
shorten its life.
• If you have questions about intended use, ask dealer or contact
qualified service center.
• NEVER operate units with broken or missing parts, or without
protective housing or covers.
DO NOT by-pass any safety device on this machine.
DO NOT operate power washer above rated pressure.
DO NOT modify power washer in any way.
Before starting power washer in cold weather, check all parts of
the equipment to be sure ice has not formed there.
• NEVER move machine by pulling on hoses. Use handle
provided on unit.
• Check fuel system for leaks or signs of deterioration, such as
chafed or spongy hose, loose or missing clamps, or damaged
tank or cap. Correct all defects before operating power washer.
• This equipment is designed to be used with Generac authorized
parts ONLY. If equipment is used with parts that DO NOT
comply with minimum specifications, user assumes all risks
and liabilities.
Safety Rules