Generac 6565 Pressure Washer User Manual

Fuel must meet these requirements:
Clean, fresh, unleaded gasoline.
A minimum of 87 octane/87 AKI (91 RON).
Gasoline with up to 10% ethanol (gasohol) is acceptable.
Avoid power washer damage. Failure to follow Operator’s
Manual for fuel recommendations voids warranty.
DO NOT use unapproved gasoline such as E85.
DO NOT mix oil in gasoline.
DO NOT modify engine to run on alternate fuels.
To protect the fuel system from gelling, mix in a fuel stabilizer when
adding fuel. See Storage. All fuel is not the same. If you experience
starting or performance problems after using fuel, switch to a
different fuel provider or change brands.
Fuel and its vapors are extremely flammable
and explosive. Fire or explosion can cause
severe burns or death.
Turn power washer OFF and let it cool at least two (2) minutes
before removing fuel cap. Loosen cap slowly to relieve pressure in
• Fill fuel tank outdoors.
• DO NOT overfill tank. Allow space for fuel expansion.
• If fuel spills, wait until it evaporates before starting engine.
• Keep fuel away from sparks, open flames, pilot lights, heat, and
other ignition sources.
• DO NOT light a cigarette or smoke.
1. Clean area around fuel fill cap, remove cap.
2. Slowly add regular unleaded fuel to fuel tank. Be careful not
to overfill. Fill to bottom of filter screen, this will allow for fuel
expansion (Figure 10).
3. Install fuel cap and let any spilled fuel evaporate before
starting engine.
Figure 10 – Adding Fuel
DO NOT run the pump without the water supply connected
and turned on. Damage to equipment resulting from failure to
follow this instruction will void warranty.
Remove and discard the shipping cap from the pump’s water
inlet before attaching hose.
1. Run water through your garden hose for 30 seconds to clean
out any debris.
2. Before connecting garden hose to water inlet, inspect inlet
screen before installing (A) (Figure 11). The cone should face
outward. Clean screen if it contains debris or have it replaced
if damaged. DO NOT run power washer if inlet screen is
IMPORTANT: DO NOT siphon standing water for the water supply.
Use ONLY cold water (less than 100°F). Water supply must be
adequate to handle greater than 3.8 gallons per minute and no less
than 30 psi.
Using a One Way Valve (vacuum breaker or check valve) at
pump inlet can cause pump or inlet connector damage.
• There MUST be at least ten feet of unrestricted garden hose
between the power washer inlet and any device, such as a
vacuum breaker or check valve.
• Damage to equipment resulting from failure to follow this
instruction will void warranty.
Figure 11 – Inspect Inlet Screen
3. Connect the garden hose (not to exceed 50 feet in length) to
the water inlet (Figure 12). Tighten by hand.