Generac 6565 Pressure Washer User Manual

The oil level should be checked prior to each use or at least every
8 hours of operation. Keep the oil level maintained.
1. Make sure the power washer is on a level surface.
2. Clean area around oil fill cap (Figure 36).
3. Remove oil fill cap and wipe dipstick clean.
4. Insert dipstick into filler neck but do not screw it in.
5. Verify oil is at proper level on the dipstick (Figure 37).
6. Replace and tighten oil fill cap, finger tight.
1. Make sure the power washer is on a level surface.
2. Check the oil level as described in Checking Oil Level section.
3. If level is low, fill until the oil level is between "L" and "H" on
the dipstick (Figure 37).
4. Verify oil level per the Checking Oil Level section.
5. Replace and tighten the oil fill cap, finger tight.
If you are using your power washer under extremely dirty or dusty
conditions, or in extremely hot weather, change the oil more often.
Avoid prolonged or repeated skin contact with used
motor oil.
• Used motor oil has been shown to cause skin cancer in certain
laboratory animals.
• Thoroughly wash exposed areas with soap and water.
• Don’t pollute. Conserve resources. Return used oil to collection
Change oil while the engine is still warm from running as follows:
1. Make sure the unit is on a level surface.
2. Disconnect the spark plug wire from the spark plug and place
the wire where it cannot contact spark plug.
3. Clean the area around the oil drain plug (A) (Figure 35). The
oil drain plug is located at the base of the engine, opposite the
Figure 35 – Oil Drain Plug
4. Remove the oil fill cap (Figure 36).
5. Remove the oil drain plug and drain oil completely into a
suitable container.
6. Reinstall the oil drain plug and tighten securely.
Figure 36 – Fill Engine Oil
7. Slowly pour oil into the oil fill opening until the oil level is
between "L" and "H" on the dipstick (Figure 37). DO NOT
Figure 37 – Dipstick
Acceptable Oil
Level Range
8. Install oil dipstick until finger tight.
9. Clean up any spilled oil.
10. Properly dispose of oil in accordance with all local regulations.
Your engine will not run properly and may be damaged if you run it
with a dirty air cleaner. Service more often if operating under dirty
or dusty conditions.
To service the air cleaner, follow these steps:
1. Pull on air cleaner cover latch and remove cover (Figure 38).
2. Loosen wing nut.
3. Carefully remove filter assembly.
4. Remove foam filter.
5. To clean cartridge, gently tap on a flat surface.
6. Reinstall foam filter.
7. Reinstall clean or new cartridge assembly.
8. Reinstall wing nut and tighten.
9. Install cover by snapping latch closed.