Generac 6565 Pressure Washer User Manual

• The RED NOZZLE is for maximum rinsing (higher pressure and
lower flow); for stubborn or hard to reach surface such as second
story surfaces, paint removal, oil stains, rust removal or other
stubborn substances (tar, gum, grease, wax, etc.) (Figure 21).
This tip (Red Nozzle) can damage work surfaces if it is
too close, or held in one position for an extended time.
Figure 21 – Blast Pressure Nozzle (Red)
• Use the BLACK NOZZLE when applying detergent (Figure 22).
Only use power washer safe detergents/soaps to help break down
stubborn dirt and grime on a variety of surfaces.
Figure 22 – Detergent Nozzle (Black)
Chemicals can cause bodily injury, and/or property
• NEVER use caustic liquid with the power washer.
• Use ONLY power washer safe detergents/soaps. Follow all
manufacturer's instructions.
To apply detergent, follow these steps:
1. Review proper use of nozzles.
2. Prepare detergent solution as required by the job into a
container located within the proximity of the siphon tube.
3. Make sure the siphoning tube remains fully submerged into
the detergent.
Make sure the filter remains fully submerged in detergent
while applying detergent.
Contact with the hot muffler can damage the detergent
siphoning tube.
4. When inserting the siphon into a detergent solution bottle, route the
tube so as to keep it from inadvertently contacting the hot muffler.
5. Make sure the black detergent nozzle is installed.
Detergent cannot be applied with the high pressure nozzles
(Yellow, White, Green or Red). Only use the Black nozzle with
6. Confirm that all set-up instructions have been followed.
You must attach all the hoses before you start the engine.
• Starting the engine without all the hoses connected, and without
the water turned ON, will damage the pump.
• Damage to the equipment resulting from failure to follow these
instructions will void the warranty.
7. Start engine following instructions How to Start Your Power
8. Apply detergent to a dry surface, starting at the lower portion
of the area to be washed and work upward using long, even,
overlapping strokes.
9. Allow the detergent to "soak in" for 3-5 minutes before
washing and rinsing. Reapply as needed to prevent the
surface from drying. DO NOT allow the detergent to dry on the
surface being cleaned (prevents streaking).
IMPORTANT: You must flush the detergent siphoning system after
each use by placing the filter into a bucket of clean water, then run
the power washer in low pressure for 1-2 minutes.
1. Remove the black detergent nozzle from the lance.
2. Select and install the desired high pressure nozzle following
the instructions How to Use Nozzles.
3. Point the spray gun in a safe direction and away from people,
animals and plants. Squeeze the trigger to flush any remaining
chemicals from the system.
4. Keep the spray gun a safe distance from the area you plan to
Kickback from the spray gun can cause you to
Use only on a level surface.
Do not use on an elevated surface to prevent the risk of a
serious fall.
• Firmly grasp the spray gun with both hands when using the high
pressure spray to avoid injury when the spray gun kicks back.