Generac 6565 Pressure Washer User Manual

The quick–connect on the nozzle lance allows you to switch
between different nozzles. Nozzles can be changed while the
power washer is running, once the spray gun trigger is locked
in the safety position. The nozzles vary the pressure and spray
pattern as shown.
• For the most effective cleaning, keep the nozzle from 8 to 24
inches (20 to 61 cm) away from the surface being cleaned.
• If you get the nozzle too close, especially using a high pressure
nozzle, you may damage the surface being cleaned.
The high pressure stream of water that this equipment
produces can cut through skin and its underlying
tissues, leading to serious injury, possible amputation
or death. Spray gun traps high water pressure, even
when engine is stopped and water is disconnected,
which can cause injury.
• NEVER exchange nozzles without the trigger lock being engaged on
the spray gun.
• DO NOT twist nozzles while spraying.
Follow these instructions to change nozzles:
1. Pull back the collar on the quick–connect and pull the current
nozzle off. Store nozzles in the accessory storage holder
(Figure 17).
Figure 17 – Nozzles
2. Select desired nozzle:
3. Pull back on the collar, insert the new nozzle and release the
collar. Tug on the nozzle to make sure it is securely in place.
• The WHITE NOZZLE is used for delicate rinse (lower pressure and
higher flow), for gentle cleaning of cars/trucks, boats, RV’s, patio
furniture, lawn equipment, etc. (Figure 18).
Figure 18 – Wash Pressure Nozzle (White)
• The GREEN NOZZLE is for general rinsing (medium pressure and
medium flow), ideal for most all purpose cleaning such as home
siding, brick patios, wood decks, driveways and sidewalks, garage
floors, etc. (Figure 19).
Figure 19 – Clean Pressure Nozzle (Green)
• The yellow nozzle is for medium rinsing (higher pressure and
medium flow), ideal for removing stains on hard porous surfaces
such as concrete dirveways, garage floors and brick patios, select
yellow nozzle (Figure 20).
Figure 20 – Strip Pressure Nozzle (Yellow)