Craftsman 580.767451 Pressure Washer User Manual

If you have any problems operating your pressure
washer, please call the pressure washer helpline at
To Start Your Cleaning System
To start your engine-powered cleaning system for the
first time, follow these instructions step-by-step. This
information also applies whenever you start the engine
after you have let the pressure washer sit idle for at
least a day.
1. Place pressure washer near an outside water
source capable of supplying water at a flow rate
greater than 3.5 gallons per minute and no less
than 20 PSI at pressure washer end of garden
2. Check that high pressure hose is tightly connected
to spray gun and pump. See "Assembling Your
Pressure Washer" for illustrations.
3. Make sure unit is in a level position.
4. Connect garden hose to water inlet on pressure
washer pump. Turn ON water.
this instruction,
5. Squeeze trigger on gun to purge pump system of
air and impurities.
6. Attach nozzle extension to spray gun. Tighten by
7. Position nozzle in low pressure mode (slide nozzle
forward) and squeeze trigger on spray gun to
relieve pressure caused by turning ON water.
Water will flow out of gun in a thin stream.
Continue to hold trigger until there is a steady
stream of water and no air remains in system.
Release trigger.
8. Engage the safety latch to the spray gun trigger.
9, Move the choke lever to the =Choke" position,
NOTE: For a warm engine, be sure the choke lever is
in the "Run" position.
10. Move the throttle lever to "Fast" position, shown
on unit as a rabbit.
11. Place your left foot on the lower frame and grasp
the handle as shown. Your unit may appear
slightly different from that shown here.
12. Pull the starter grip handle lightly with your right
hand until you feel some resistance, then pull
13. Return the starter grip handle slowly. DO NOT let
rope "snap back" against starter.
14. When engine starts, slowly move choke lever to
the "Run" position. If engine falters, move choke
lever to the =Choke" position, then to the "Run"
15. If engine fails to start after six pulls, move choke
lever to the "Run" position. If engine fires, but
does not continue to run, move choke lever to the
"Choke" position, then to the "Run" position.
pu]!ed and engine fai!s tostart,
NOTE: Always keep the throttle lever in the "Fast"
position when operating the pressure washer,