Craftsman 580.767451 Pressure Washer User Manual

Yourcleaningsystemrequiressomeassembly and is
ready for use only after it has been properly serviced
with the recommended oil and fuel.
If you have any problems with the assembly of
your pressure washer, please call the pressure
washer helpline at 1-800-222-3136.
IMPORTANT: Any attempt to run the engine before it
has been serviced with the recommended oil will result
in an engine failure.
1. Open carton and slice two corners opposite guide
handle from top to bottom so the panel can be
folded down flat.
2. Remove hose reel box, fillers, and parts bag
shipped with cleaning system.
3. Remove spray gun, nozzle extension, and engine
oil from fillers.
4. Roll cleaning system out open end of carton.
5. Raise guide handle, secure in place.
Become familiar with each piece before assembling
the pressure washer. Identify all contents with the
illustration on page 5. If any parts are missing or
damaged, call the pressure washer helpline at
Your Craftsman cleaning system will need assembly
before operation:
1. Attach hose reel.
2. Add oil to engine crankcase.
3. Add fuel to fuel tank.
4. Connect high pressure hose to spray gun and pump.
5. Connect water supply to pump.
Assembling Hose Reel
Obtain 14ram and 10ram open end wrenches and a #2
phillips screwdriver.
1. Attach handle to reel with Iocknuts, flatwashers,
and bolts as shown.
M6 Screws
Lift handle to Upright position
ands!ide locking capsinto
6. Check carton for additional loose parts.
Check all contents. If any parts are missing or
damaged, call the pressure washer helpline at
Main unit -- cleaning system with wheels, chemical
tanks, guide handle
Hose reel components
High pressure hose
Spray gun
Nozzle extension with adjustable nozzle
Engine oil
Parts bag (which includes items listed below)
Three-pack of chemical concentrates
Owner's manual
Maintenance kit
Tank labels
Registration card
M6 Locknuts
2. Secure hose reel to left side upright with Iocknuts
and bolts.
,through slot
. on panel