Craftsman 580.767451 Pressure Washer User Manual

How to Stop Your Cleaning System
Move throttle lever to =Stop" position.
Squeeze trigger on the spray gun to relieve
pressure in the hose.
NOTE: A small amount of water will squirt out when
you release the pressure.
Rotate the Dial-A-Cleaner TM selector knob to the
OFF position to prevent chemical leakage.
How To Use the Adjustable Nozzle
Now that you know how to START and STOP your
pressure washer, the information in this section will tell
you how to adjust the spray pattern and apply
detergent or other cleaning chemicals.
NEVER adiLtStsprayPattem when spraying.
NEVER put hands in front of nozzle to adjust Spray pattern,
Twisting nozzle adjusts spray pattern from a
narrow pattern to a fan pattern.
Twist nozzle counter- Twist nozzle clockwise for
clockwise for fan pattern; narrow spray pattern:
4. For most effective cleaning, keep spray nozzle
from 8 to 24 inches away from cleaning surface.
If you get spray nozzle too close, especially using
high pressure mode, you may damage surface
being cleaned.
6. DO NOT get closer than 6 inches when cleaning
Cleaning With The Adjustable Nozzle
CAUTION] Before starting your cleaning system,
Your unit is equipped with an adjustable nozzle that
permits you to adjust the spray pressure and the spray
pattern, as follows:
1. Push nozzle forward (backward) to adjust spray
pattern for high (low) spray pressure.
make sure you have read and followed the instructions
in the sections "Assembling your Cleaning System"
and "To Start your Cleaning System".
IMPORTANT: Use chemicals designed specifically
for pressure washers. Household detergents could
damage the pump.
slide nozzle backward for Sl!de nozzle forward for
high pressure mode low pressure mode and
detergent application
2. Point nozzle toward ground, disengage safety
latch, and press trigger to test pattern.
,Starting the engine without all the hoses connected and
without the water turned ON will damage the pump:
Up to three (3) different solutions can be carried with
the cleaning system at one time. To apply detergent
follow these steps:
1. Dilution is necessary when using supplied chemical
packets. Simply snip one corner of plastic pouch,
pour chemical into tank, then fill tank with clean
water. Label tanks with provided tank labels.