Craftsman 580.767451 Pressure Washer User Manual

Read this owner's manual and safety rules before operating your cleaning system.
Compare the illustrations with your cleaning system to familiarize yourself with the locations of various controls
and adjustments. Save this manual for future reference.
Dial-A-Cleaner TM
Selector Knob
Recoil Starter \
System Rinse, Detergent and
i ChemiCal Reservoirs with
Internal Filter and Baffle
} Spray Gun
Air Filter
Choke Lever
Throttle Control Lever
High Pressure Hose
Hose Reel
Oil Fill Cap/Dipstick
High Pressure Outlet
Adjustable Nozzle - Always attached to nozzle
extension. Adjust for high or low pressure; narrow or
fan spray.
Air Filter - Dry type filter element limits the amount of
dirt and dust that gets in the engine.
Choke Lever - Used to help start a cold engine.
Dial-A-Cleaner TM Selector Knob - Selects any one
of three chemicals or the clean water system rinse.
Fuel Cap - Fill engine with regular unleaded fuel here.
High Pressure Hose - Connect one end to the spray
gun and other end to the high pressure outlet.
High Pressure Outlet - Connection for high pressure
Hose Reel -- Used for storing hose while unit is not in
use, Hose must be detached from pump and spray
gun before storage,
Nozzle Extension
Jstable Nozzle
Nozzle Extension - Attach to spray gun to use
adjustable nozzle.
Oil Fill CaplDipstick - Fill engine with oil here. See
page 7 for oil recommendations and filling instructions.
Pump - Develops high water pressure.
Recoil Starter - Used for starting the engine.
Spray Gun - Controls the application of water onto
cleaning surface with trigger device. Includes safety
System Rinse, Detergent and Chemical Reservoirs
with Internal Filter and Baffle - Used to provide
detergent or other chemicals to the low pressure water
Throttle Control Lever - Sets engine in starting
mode for recoil starter and stops running engine.
Water Inlet - Connection for garden hose.