Craftsman 580.767451 Pressure Washer User Manual

2. If usinganotherchemicaldesignedforusewith
3. RotatetheDial-A-CleanerTM selector knob to letter
corresponding to desired reservoir.
4. Push adjustable nozzle forward to low pressure
mode. Chemical cannot be applied with nozzle
in high pressure position.
5. Connect garden hose to water inlet, check that
high pressure hose is connected to spray gun and
pump (see pages 7-8), and start engine.
Kee# seray nozzle between 8 to 24 inches away from
cleaning surface.
Operate this unit on a stable surface.
Be extremely careful if you must use the pressure
washer from a ladder, scaffolding or any other relatively
unstable location.
Firmly grasp spray gun with beth hands when using high
pressure spray to avoid injury if gun kicks back.
6. Start at lower portion of area to be washed and
work upward, using long, even overlapping
7. Allow detergent to 'soak in' (between 3-5 minutes)
before washing and rinsing. Reapply as needed to
prevent surface from drying.
Wash and Rinse Surface
After you have applied detergent, scour the surface
with the high pressure water stream and then rinse it
clean, as follows:
1. Pull adjustable nozzle backward for high pressure
mode. Chemical will not flow when in high
pressure mode.
Test a small area of the surface to be cleaned.
Make sure there is no surface damage caused by
the high pressure spray.
Expand spray pattern for a more gentle rinsing
action. Start at top of area to be rinsed, working
down with same action as for cleaning.
Rinse System After Every Use
It is imperative that the chemical dispensing system be
rinsed after each use to prevent clogging or leaks:
1. Fill System Rinse reservoir with clean water.
2. Before disconnecting water supply, start your
cleaning system.
3. Push nozzle forward for low pressure mode.
4. Rotate the Dial-A-Cleaner TM selector knob to letter
corresponding to System Rinse tank. As clean
rinse water is drawn through the system, continue
the flow until no detergent foam is observed.
5. Rotate the Dial-A-Cleaner TM selector knob to
the OFF position when finished to prevent
chemical leakage.
DO NOT siphon standing water for your water supply.
Contaminated, brackish or dir_ water can damage the
pump. Connect only to household water supply.
How to Use the Hose Reel
Your pressure washer is equipped with a hose reel
that is designed to store your hose when unit is not in
use. These instructions are for short term storage only.
For long term storage see "Storage" on page 16.
After each use:
1. Disconnect hose from spray gun and high
pressure outlet on pump.
2. Drain water from hose.
3. Slide one end of hose into hole on hose reel. Turn
hose reel with handle to coil hose onto reel.
4. Push other end of hose into clip on side of unit.
IMPORTANT: DO NOT use your pressure washer with
the hose coiled onto the hose reel. The hose reel is for
storage purposes only.
NEVER use garden hose inlet to siphon detergent
or wax,
If you hold the spray nozzle too far away from the
object being cleaned, washing will not be as
- Always store the cleaning system with the Dial-A-
Cleaner TM selector knob in the OFF position.
Automatic Cool Down System
(Thermal Relief)
If you run the engine on your pressure washer for
3-5 minutes without pressing the trigger on the spray
gun, circulating water in the pump can reach
temperatures above 125°F. The system engages to
cool the pump by discharging the warm water onto
the ground,