Craftsman 580.767451 Pressure Washer User Manual

Tie up iong hair a_ remove jewelry.
wire where itcannot contact spark plug.
in vicinity of equipment in use.
D0 NOT tamper with g0vemed
DO NOT operate pressure washer above rated pressure;
DO NOT secure spray gun inOpen position.
DO NOT leave spray gun unattended while machine is
, NEVER use a spray gun which does not have a trigger
!ock or trigger guard in Place and in working order.
Always be Certain Spray gun, nozzles and accessories
are correctly attached.
NEVER aim spray gun at plants.
If you nave uuestions about ir_ended use• ask dealer or
contact Sears.
NEVER ocerate units with broken or missing parts, or
without oretective housing or covers.
DO NOT by-pass any safety device on this machine.
Before starting pressure washer in cold weather, check
all parts of the e_u_ment to be sure ice has not formed
NEVER move machine by pulling on high pressure hose.
Use handle orevided on unit
Check fuel system for leaks or signs of deterioration.
such as chafed or spongy hose. loose or missing
cJamDs, or oamaged tank or caD. Correct all defects
before operating pressure washer
This equipment is designed to be used with Sears
authorized parts ONLY. If edu_pment is used with par_s
that DO NOT comply with minimum specifications user
assumes atl risks and liabilities.