Craftsman 580.767451 Pressure Washer User Manual

3. Removein-linefilterfromotherendof nozzle
4. Usewireincludedinkit(orasmallpaperclip)to
1 o-ring, yellow, (pin B2264) for end of high
pressure hose.
NOTE: The previous two o-rings are close in size.
Please match carefully to assure proper o-ring usage.
Using a garden hose, remove additional debris by
back flushing water through nozzle extension.
Back flush between 30 to 60 seconds. Turn
adjustable nozzle extension to stream spray and
move nozzle from low to high while flushing.
1 water inlet screen (pin B2384.) for garden hose
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To remove a worn or damaged o-ring:
6. Reinstall orifice and in-line filter into nozzle
extension. DO NOT overtighten orifice with allen Use a small fiathead screwdriver to get underneath
wrench, the o-ring and pry it off.
7. Reconnect nozzle extension to spray gun.
8. Reconnect water supply, turn on water, and start
9. Test pressure washer by operating with nozzle in
high and low positions.
O-Ring Maintenance
Through the normal operation of your cleaning system,
o-rings keep the connections of the hoses and spray
gun tight and leak-free. These o-rings may become
worn or damaged with use.
An O-Ring Maintenance Kit is provided with your
cleaning system which includes replacement o-rings,
rubber washer and water inlet filter. Refer to the
instruction sheet provided in the kit to service your
unit's o-rings. Note that not all of the parts in the kit
will be used on your unit.
Changing Pump Oil
Change oil every 50 hours or once yearly, whichever
occurs first.
NOTE: You must purchase a premeasured bottle of
pump oil, item number 190585GS, by calling
1-800-366-PART or online at www.sears.cem.
Change pump oil as follows:
1. Drain engine oil and fuel from pressure washer.
Use a 8mm allen wrench to remove black pump
oil cap between high pressure outlet and garden
hose inlet.
Parts in the O-Ring Kit Include:
1 o-ring, red, (pin B2726) for end of spray gun
connection between spray gun and nozzle
Oil Cap
3. Tilt pressure washer to drain oil into an approved
container until it drips slowly from pump.