Craftsman 580.767451 Pressure Washer User Manual

If you do not plan to use the pressure washer for more
than 30 days, you must prepare the engine for long
term storage.
It is important to prevent gum deposits from forming in
essential fuel system parts such as the carburetor, fuel
filter, fuel hose or tank during storage, Also,
experience indicates that alcohol-blended fuels (celled
gasohol, ethanol or methanol) can attract moisture,
which leads to separation and formation of acids
during storage. Acidic gas can damage the fuel
system of an engine while in storage,
Protect Fuel System
Fuel Additive:
If adding a fuel additive, fill the fuel tank with fresh
fuel, If only partially filled, air in the tank will promote
fuel deterioration during storage. Engine and fuel can
be stored up to 24 months with additive.
Add fuel additive following manufacturer's
Connect water supply to pump inlet and turn it ON,
Run the engine outdoors for 10 minutes to be sure
that treated fuel has replaced the untreated fuel in
the carburetor,
If fuel additive is not used, remove all fuel from tank
and run engine until it stops from lack of fuel.
Change Oil
While engine is still warm, drain oil from crankcase,
Refill with recommended grade (see Changing Oil on
page 15).
Oil Cylinder Bore
Remove spark plug, Squirt about 1 ounce (30 ml)
of engine oil into the cylinder. Cover spark plug
hole with rag. Pull recoil handle slowly to distribute
oil, Avoid spray from spark plug hole.
Install spark plug. DO NOT connect spark plugwire,
Protect Pump
To protect the pump use Sears pump saver to prevent
freeze damage and lubricate pistons and seals,
NOTE: Sears pump saver, item number 7174403, is
available as an optional accessory, It is not included
with the pressure washer,
Freezedamage is not covered underwarranty.
To use the pump saver:
Always wear eye protectionwhen using PumpSaver.
1. Attach hose on pump saver can to pump inlet.
2. Push in can top to dispense pump saver.
3. When pump saver fluid begins to exit pump outlet,
the pump is protected.
4. Remove pump saver from pump inlet.
DO NOT store fuel from one season to another,
If possible, store your unit indoors and cover it to
give protection from dust and dirt. BE SURE TO
IMPORTANT: NEVER cover your cleaning system
while engine and exhaust area are warm,