Craftsman 580.767451 Pressure Washer User Manual

2. Removeanddiscardshippingcapsfrompumpinlet
3. Attachother end of high pressure hose to high
pressure outlet on pump. Tighten by hand.
nspe t
screen DO NOT
use if damaged;
clean if dirty.
Before connecting garden hose to water inlet,
inspect inlet screen. Clean screen if it contains
debris or have it replaced if damaged. Refer to
section =O-Ring Maintenance" if inlet screen is
damaged. DO NOT run pressure washer if inlet
screen is damaged.
5. Run water through garden hose for 30 seconds to
flush it of debris. Turn off water.
IMPORTANT: DO NOT siphon standing water for the
water supply. Use ONLY cold water (less than 100°F).
6. Connect garden hose (not to exceed 50 feet in
length) to water inlet. Tighten by hand.
7. Turn ON water and squeeze trigger on spray gun
to purge pump system of air and impurities.
wearing adequate eye protection.
Review the unit to ensure you have performed all of
the following:
1. Check that hose reel fasteners are tight.
2. Check that oil has been added to proper level in
engine crankcase.
3. Add proper fuel to fuel tank.
4. Check for proper hose connections (high pressure
and water supply) and that there are no kinks,
cuts, or damage to the high pressure hose.
5. Provide proper water supply (not to exceed
6. Be sure to read "Safety Rules" and =Operation"
sections before using the cleaning system.
this instructionwill void warranty.