Craftsman 107.289920 Lawn Mower User Manual

Engineruns,but Transmissionreleaseleversin PUSH MoveleverstoDRIVEpositions.
rider will not positions.
drive. Drive belt slips, Clean or replace belt as necessary,
Belt is broken, Replace drive belt, Contact Sears Parts & Repair,
Parking brake is not fully released, Contact Sears Parts & Repair,
Rider drive belt Pulleys or belt greasy or oily, Clean as required,
Belt stretched or worn. Replace belt. Contact Sears Parts & Repair.
Parking brake Parking brake is incorrectly adjusted, See Service & Adjustments Section,
will not hold.
Rider steers or Improper tire inflation. See Maintenance Section.
handles poorly.
Steering linkage is loose, Check and tighten any loose connections,
Rider tracks to Ground speed adj. knobs not adjusted, See SPEED BALANCING ADJUSTMENT in Service &
one side. Adjustments section,
Troubleshooting the Mower
Mower cutting Cutting height motor screw dirty or requires Thoroughly clean and lubricate cutting height motor
height does not lube. screw,
adjust. Cutting height linkage disconnected, Check that mower linkage is connected,
Mower cut is Rider tires not inflated equally or properly. See Maintenance Section.
uneven. Mower not leveled properly, See "Mower Leveling" in Service & Adjustments,
Mower cut is Engine speed too slow, Always set engine speed to FAST when mowing,
rough looking. Ground speed too fast, Decrease ground speed,
Blades are dull, Sharpen or replace blades, See Maintenance
Mower drive belt slipping because it is oily or Clean or replace belt as necessary,
Blades not properly fastened to arbors. See "Check/Replace Mower Blades" in Maintenance
Engine stalls Engine speed too slow. Always set engine speed to FAST when mowing.
easily with
Ground speed too fast, Decrease Ground Speed,
mower engaged.
Cutting height set too low. Cut tall grass at maximum cutting height during first
Underside of mower deck dirty, Remove mower deck and clean underside,
Discharge chute jamming with cut grass, Cut grass with discharge pointing toward previously
cut area,
Excessive Blade mounting bolts are loose, Tighten to 45-55 ft-lbs (61-75 Nm).
mower Mower blades, arbors, or pulleys are bent, Check and replace as necessary,
Mower blades are out of balance, Replace or balance blades, See Maintenance
Belt installed incorrectly, Reinstall correctly,
Mower drive belt Idler pulley spring broken or not properly Repair or replace as needed.
slips or fails to attached,
drive. Mower drive belt broken, Replace drive belt,
PTO clutch out of adjustment, Adjust PTO clutch, See Maintenance Section,