Craftsman 107.289920 Lawn Mower User Manual

This unit has been designed and manufactured to pro-
vide you with the safety and reliability you would expect
from an industry leader in outdoor power equipment
Although reading this manual and the safety instructions
it contains will provide you with the necessary basic
knowledge to operate this equipment safely and effec-
tively, we have placed several safety labels on the unit to
remind you of this important information while you are
operating your unit.
All DANGER, WARNING, CAUTION and instructional
messages on your rider and mower should be carefully
read and obeyed. Personal bodily injury can result when
these instructions are not followed. The information is for
your safety and it is important! The safety decals below
are on your rider and mower.
If any of these decals are lost or damaged, replace them
at once. Contact a Sears Parts & Service Center for
These labels are easily applied and will act as a constant
visual reminder to you, and others who may use the
equipment, to follow the safety instructions necessary for
safe, effective operation.
Decal - Control Panel
Part No. 7103082YP
Decal -Tracking
Part No.
1726638SM Decal - Ground
Speed Lever
Part No. 7102576YP
Decal - Amputation and
Thrown Objects Hazard
Part No. 1704277SM
,j mpu aion an 9
/2' Thrown Objects Hazard ,z
Decal - Operation, U
Part No. 7102575YP
Decal - Cutting
Height Switch
Part No.
Decal - Hot Surfaces
Part No. 1734273SM
(Located on RH side)
Decal - Cutting Hazard
Part No. 1734672SlVl
(Located on rear frame)
Decal - Operation, Lower
Part No. 7103185YP ig
Decal - Parking Brake
Part No. 7102578YP
'_,,Amputation Hazard '_,
'_, Toav0idinj(iryfromr01aling "_
'_,, )a es,staycear 0decke ge.!_,
Decal - Amputation Hazard
Part No. 1704276SM
Decal - Cutting Height
Part No. 1734335SM
Decal - Transmission
Part No, 1734532SM
(Located on rear frame)
Decal - Ground Speed Lever
Part No. 1734270SlVl