Craftsman 107.289920 Lawn Mower User Manual

WARNING: Never operate on slopes greater than 17.6%
(10°). See SLOPE OPERATION in the safety section.
Zero turn riders operate differently from other four-
wheeled vehicles. The drive wheels are also your steer-
ing wheels. If you cannot drive the unit on a hill, you will
not be able to steer the unit on it. Operating zero turn
units on slopes requires extra caution.
The lever controls of the zero turn rider are very respon-
sive, and learning to gain a smooth and efficient control
of the rider's forward, reverse, and turning movements
will take some practice.
Spend some time going through the following maneuvers
and becoming familiar with how the unit accelerates,
travels, and steers - before you begin mowing - is
absolutely essential to getting the most out of the zero
turn rider.
Locate a smooth, flat area of your lawn - one with
plenty of room to maneuver. (Clear the area of objects,
people and animals before you begin.) Operate the unit
at mid-throttle during this practice session (ALWAYS
operate at full throttle when mowing), and turn slowly to
prevent tire slippage and damage to your lawn.
We suggest you begin with the Smooth Travel procedure
to the right, and then advance through the forward,
reverse, and turning maneuvers.
Do not mow in reverse unless absolutely
necessary. Always look down and behind before
and while travelling in reverse.
Forward Travel
Smooth Travel
The lever controls of the
zero turn rider are
highly responsive.
The BEST method of
handling the ground
speed control levers is in
three steps - as shown
in Figure 9.
FIRST place your hands
onto the levers as
SECOND, to go forward
gradually push the levers
forward with your palms.
THIRD, to speed up
move the levers farther
forward. To slow down
smoothly, slowly move
the levers back toward
Figure 9. Move Control
Levers Gradually
Forward Travel Practice
Gradually move both ground speed control levers evenly
FORWARD from neutral (see Figure 10). Slow down and
Reverse Travel Practice
LOOK DOWN & BEHIND, then gradually move both
ground speed control levers evenly BACK from neutral
(see Figure 11). Slow down and repeat.
NOTE: Practice backing up for several minutes before
attempting to do so near objects. The rider turns as
sharply in reverse as when going forward, and backing
up straight takes practice.
Reverse Travel
Figure 10. Forward Travel
Figure 11. Reverse Travel