Craftsman 107.289920 Lawn Mower User Manual

To avoid serious injury, perform adjustments only
with engine stopped, key removed and tractor on
level ground.
Service Interval: 200 Hours.
The Power Take Off (PTO) clutch drives the mower
blades. The PTO clutch is engaged and disengaged by
the mower blade switch. Check the PTO clutch adjust-
ment every 200 hours of operation. Also perform the fol-
lowing procedure if the clutch is slipping, will not engage,
or if a new clutch has been installed.
1. Remove key from ignition switch and disconnect
spark plug wires to prevent the possibility of acciden-
tal starting while the PTO is being adjusted.
2. Note the position of the 3 adjustment windows (A,
Figure 28) in the side of the brake plate and the
nylock adjustment nuts (B).
3. Insert a .012"-.015" (2,5-4 mm) feeler gauge (C)
through each window, positioning the gauge between
the rotor face and the armature face as shown in
Figure 29.
4. Alternately tighten the adjustment nuts (B, Figure 29)
until the rotor face and armature face just contacts
the gauge.
5. Check the windows for an equal amount of tension
when the gauge is inserted and removed, and make
any necessary adjustments by tightening or loosen-
ing the adjustment nuts.
NOTE: The actual air gap between the rotor and arma-
ture may vary even after performing the adjustment pro-
cedure. This is due to dimensional variations on compo-
nent parts, and is an acceptable condition.
6. Check the mower blade stopping time. The mower
blades and mower drive belt should come to a com-
plete stop within five seconds after the electric PTO
switch is turned off. If adjustment does not stop a
mower braking problem, replace the electric PTO
Figure 28. PTO Clutch Adjustment
A. Adjustment Window (Qty. 3, one shown)
B. Adjustment Nut (3)
Figure 29. Adjust PTO Clutch
A. Window
B. Adjustment Nut
C. Feeler Gauge